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Abdullah Youssef Al-Hussaini, certified accountants and auditors

Abdullah Yousef AlHussaini Chartered Accountants is a company that provides accounting and auditing services, zakat and tax consultations, and all other services.

We seek to achieve the highest quality in providing our services, through effective interaction with our clients. Our relationship with our clients is based on our understanding and interest in our clients’ business to meet their needs.

Our goals

Providing our services with high quality by forming a distinguished relationship with our clients based on trust and full knowledge of the details to meet their needs.

Our message

Providing our services with high professionalism, in accordance with international best practices and digital technologies.

Our vision

To be the chosen company in the fields of accountant, audit and consultation Services

Our services


Zakat and tax services

We provide our clients the right destination and provide them with zakat and tax advice to ensure the optimal investment of their money according to well-studied steps and complying with laws and regulation , and we follow up the validity and accuracy of the zakat and tax base with the relevant authorities with professionalism and high responsibility.

Our services include:

  • Zakat.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • Income and Withholding TAX.

  • Real Estate tax.

  • Providing Consultations and Studies Related to Objections and Claims with the Zakat and Tax Committees.


Evaluating control systems in compliance, risks and internal audit

We provide our clients with

  • Compliance review to evaluate the compliance with the regulations, policies and procedures in the company.

  • Risk management by identifying and quantifying risks related to the business and the extent of their impact.

  • Internal audit to, in which we evaluate the efficiency and adequacy of the designed and approved controls, the extent of commitment to their implementation, and provide recommendations to enhance them.

  • Establishing an internal audit department in which we work with our client to establish the department policy and procedures and work models.



Reviewing periodic accounts and preparing an independent auditor’s report on the result of the audit, which is prepared to be based on the financial statements of the establishments from an independent auditor (licensed chartered accountant. Our services in this field include:

  • Submitting the financial statements in "Qawaem" lists program of the Ministry of  Commerce and Investment.

  • Study and evaluation of the internal control system and accounting procedures

  • Monitor physical inventory procedures.

  • Verify and independently verify the items of the financial statements


Bookkeeping Services

We provide out clients the accounting operations are recorded regularly services through an accounting program by our qualified team familiar with all accounting aspects


Special services

we provide our clients with other consulting services according to our analysis of their needs


Judicial Services and Special Reports

A special reports submitted to the related parties and beneficiaries based on an assignment and according to specific procedures, and our reports include, for example: (reports directed to the judiciary – Corporate liquidation – disability and embezzlement reports – settlement of commercial disputes – bankruptcy procedures


Accounting consultant

We provide our clients with innovative and integrated consulting solutions for specialized business that do not conflict with standards and are built on professional manner ).

Our Services include:-

  • converting to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

  • Developing financial and accounting systems according to the nature of the business and activity and its needs in a way that ensures the integrity of the documentary cycle and achieving its purposes.

  • Working on developing current systems and evaluating the computer systems applied, and the extent of their effectiveness and work. To develop them in the event of deficiencies in them.

  • Develop appropriate solutions for establishments that have financial, administrative, or marketing problems.

  • Prepare economic feasibility studies for new projects and express opinions on project development.

  • Prepare financial systems, regulatory and administrative regulations: We develop financial and administrative systems for companies and entities, according to The organizational and administrative structure and internal policies followed, and we determine the documentary courses necessary to carry out the activity, define and structure jobs, and indicate the effectiveness of each administrative level in managing the activity as a whole.

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